Small Animal

Similar to human medicine, veterinary medicine  is a rapidly changing field.  Advances in veterinary care and nutrition have enabled pets to live longer lives. Our goal is to make sure those lives are healthy.  Preventing disease has always been a focus for us.  Prevention is generally easier and less expensive than treating the diseases, not to mention better for the pet.  Moving pets inside, everyone has become more cognizant of their well being and their level of comfort as they age.

Different services and tools we use to help us stay on the cutting edge include:

Digital Radiographs: We are fortunate to offer our patients the technology of digital radiographs.  With this we reduce the amount of time it takes to get results, we are also able to enhance different views resulting in a lower quantity of films needed.  Another advantage with this tool, it is extremely easy to communicate with other veterinarians if consulting is needed.

Diagnostic Machines:  We run the majority of your pet’s bloodwork in house, so we can reduce the amount of waiting time on results.  This helps us to treat your pet with appropriate medication faster then it would with sending out your pet’s blood.  We are also able to wait until the morning of your pets surgery to preform bloodwork so it is as current as possible.

Along with analyzing blood in house, we have a microscope in the clinic to examine fecal samples, urine samples, ear swabs, and samples from masses.

Surgery:  Our doctors perform general surgeries Monday through Friday.  Prior to surgery, a screening blood test may be performed to evaluate your pet’s internal health status.  All pets are monitored by advanced equipment that shows us their heart rate and rhythm, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, and temperature throughout the procedure.  A core warming unit is utilized to ensure their temperature remains stable.  Anesthetic protocols vary depending on the health of the patient and the procedure being performed.  Post-operative pain medication is provided for your pet’s comfort.

Dentistry:  In keeping with our goal of preventative care, we perform routine dental cleaning, polishing, periodontal treatment, and tooth extractions (as needed).  Poor oral health can contribute to heart, liver, and kidney problems; therefore we recommend annual dental exams.  A healthy mouth can add 2-4 years on your pet’s life!

Food Animal

Herd Health:  Preventative health care is important to our food animal population as well as pets.  We offer routine healthcare such as pregnancy diagnosis, vaccinations, deworming, dehorning, and castration as part of our herd health program.  These services are available for those raising dairy cattle, beef cattle or small ruminants.  Herd health visits allow us to assess the well being of the entire herd and help with decision making in the areas of nutrition, vaccine and treatment protocols, and management.

Sick Animals: We are available to examine animals showing signs of illness.  Generally, our large animal veterinarians are able to reach a diagnosis on the farm and treat the animal immediately.  If the case requires additional diagnostics, we are able to run blood work and examine fecal samples at the clinic.

Surgery:  We are able to perform minor surgeries on the farm.  Animals may be sedated for these procedures and/or local anesthesia used at the surgical site.  These include roll and toggle for a left displaced abomasum (LDA), standing abdominal surgery (for right displaced abomasum), and calf hernia repairs.  We are also able to suture and bandage minor injuries.

Emergencies:  A doctor is available for food animal emergencies after hours for our regular clients.  If the doctor is currently on an emergency an answering machine will be available.  If you leave your name, number, and a message the doctor will return your call as soon as possible.




Small/Companion Animals

Small animal patents are seen by appointment. By scheduling ahead of time, we can be prepared for you when you arrive thereby reducing your waiting time. We offer a range of appointment times for your convenience.

Large Animals

We have two mobile veterinary units to examine your farm animals at your residence. Visits scheduled days in advance or early in the day of service make planning our routes easier and more efficient, thereby allowing us to give you an anticipated time for the Doctor's arrival.